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COVID-19: NEW Policies and Procedures

For existing and new parents about our new drop off and pick up policies

General Enrollment Application (Non-GA Pre-K)

For all non-GA Pre-K enrollment, complete this application packet

GA Pre-K Enrollment Application (For GA Pre-K only)

For all GA Pre-K (child must be age four by Sept. 1), please complete this application packet

Family Handbook

A complete handbook of Day-Star's policies and procedures for new and existing parents

CAPS Form (For GA Pre-K only)

Need CAPS for GA Pre-K student, complete this form

Transportation Agreement (After School & Summer Programs only)

For school age children for school pick up during after school and summer time only

NEW Parent Orientation (Non-GA Pre-K)

Important information for new parents

Parent Orientation (GA Pre-K only)

Important information for all GA Pre-K parents

Weekly Menu

See what your child is enjoying this week

Monthly Newsletter

Here's what's going on this month

Liability Waiver Form

Waiver form for participation in activities and field trips

Licensing Handbook

Licensing rules and regulations

Illness Report

Blank form to report to parents all center-/program-based illnesses during care

Enrollment Documents: Files

Documentos en Español

Descarga Ahora

Solicitud Para Inscribirse (GA Pre-K solamente)

Para todos los GA Pre-K (el niño debe tener cuatro años antes del 1 de septiembre), complete este paquete de solicitud

Solicitud Para Inscribirse (Non-GA Pre-K solamente)

Documentos próximamente

Manual de la Familia

Documentos próximamente

Enrollment Documents: Files
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