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Is your center open?

Yes. Our center reopened on June 1, 2020 after temporarily closing due to the COVID-19 public health emergency. Our center is fully operating with normal business hours. See our Hours of Operation.

How is Day-Star responding to the COVID-19 public health emergency?

In response to the COVID-19 public health emergency, we have amended some of our policies. We are not allowing visitors and guests into our facility at this time. If you are a prospective parent, please contact us. If you are a current parent, please note that our active drop off and pick up process has changed. You can find those changes in Documents under “COVID-19”.

Do you accepts CAPS?

Yes. If your child/children have not already been awarded CAPS scholarships, contact the Childcare and Parent Services Program to begin the process. If your child/children already have active scholarships, contact your case worker about transferring them to our center.

What is CAPS?

The Childcare and Parent Services Program (CAPS) is a childcare subsidy program for qualifying families. It provides financial assistance for childcare to low-income families while they work, continue their education, or participate in other employment-related activities. Learn more about CAPS here.

Do you have any space for my child?

We have an open enrollment policy. This means that we are always accepting new children. However, it will be beneficial to contact us to ensure there is space available for your child/children. Enroll your child today.

My child has special needs. How will you work with her/him?

An inclusive environment that accommodates special needs children is important to us. In addition to requiring staff to complete professional development around inclusive classrooms, all instructional activities are designed to be developmentally appropriate and inclusive. If your child has an IEP/ISP and is already working with a specialist, we allow them to come to our center to work with your child. We also work with partner organizations to help test and/or identify developmental differences.

Do you administer medication?

Day-Star Christian Academy reserves the right to refuse the administration of any medication whether over the counter or prescription to treat a child. Rather, we determine whether to administer medications on a case by case basis.

All medications must be in their original, unopened container, accompany a doctor’s note, and have a completed Authorization to Administer Medication form on file. No medication will be administered longer than two weeks.

We will not be able to administer medication to children with severe medical issues, i.e. anaphylaxis, asthma/breathing apparatus.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

You can contact Dr. Calista Kelly, the director of programs, at 404-559-8099 with all of your questions or email us at

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