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Childcare and COVID-19

A lot of people have been talking about where early childhood education stands in the face of a global pandemic that has forced the closure of nations and decimated some economies. While we are making up things to do to stay safe as we go in response to this crisis, many are seeing that the childcare industry is more important than ever in ensuring families have safe and affordable options for their children so that they can return or continue to go to work. Schools are out for the summer, many summer camp options are no longer available, other summer fun options like movies, skating rinks, parks, pools, and other leisure activities are no longer viable. So, having a space for your child to go to that supports them in these critical years of growth and development is paramount.

We have been doing our part by working with our partners to ensure childcare in Georgia continues to receive the attention and funding that it needs. Join us by taking action, too!

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